European Practitioners Network Against Antisemitism

The European Practitioners Network Against Antisemitism (EPNA) is a professional platform that brings together institutions and individuals actively engaged in addressing antisemitism across Europe. EPNA is dedicated to fostering bi- and multilateral collaboration, sharing expertise, and implementing effective strategies to combat antisemitism.

EPNA serves as a hub for professionals, experts, and advocates from diverse backgrounds. We value the contributions of all members and actively encourage their participation, as we firmly believe that collective efforts are essential in achieving meaningful and lasting change. By harnessing the collective knowledge and experience of our members, we aim to have a significant impact on countering antisemitism.

While our primary objective is to address and counter antisemitism, we embrace European practitioners who are actively fighting against racism, right-wing extremism, and other forms of discrimination that share structural or practical intersections with antisemitism. We firmly believe that practitioners fighting against antisemitism and similar forms of discrimination are in need of dedicated support and the strength of international and European networks.

Whether you represent an organisation or are an individual committed to the cause, EPNA provides a supportive environment where you can join forces with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, share best practices, and develop innovative strategies. Together, we can have a significant impact on countering antisemitism in all its forms by bringing together organisations and individuals form diverse backgrounds and addressing challenges of combatting antisemitism from multiple perspectives.

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EPNA is able to hand out microgrants of up to 5000 € for bi- or multilateral projects taking place in 2024. If you are interested in participating in our microgrant programme, read here about the application procedure.

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